Custom made luxury hotel solid furniture set




Australian hotel furniture
The solid wood furniture set gives people a sense of calm and atmosphere. When matched with a fabric sofa, it is durable while increasing comfort. Bring a different high-end experience to your hotel.
Standard King bedroom furniture size /specification
No. Item Size in mm
1 King Headboard(extend to bedside table ) 3000*50*750
2 King Bedbase 1800*2000*300
3 Bedside Table /Nightstand 550*450*520
4 Writting table /Desk 1200*(550-600)*750
5 Writting chair/ Office chair Standard
6 Tv Cabinet / Tv Unit 1000*(400-600)*(650-900)
7 Luggage rack / Luggage Cabinet 800*(500-600)*580
8 Armchair 650*700*900
9 Coffee table Dia 500* 560
10 Wardrobe 1000*(500-600)*2200


Australian hotel furniture
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Australian hotel furniture
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