Custom made hotel furniture set

Founded in 2000, Foshan Designor Furniture  are committed to develop, design, produce and sell superior and comfortable furniture for all kinds of Star-rated Hotels, Resorts, Villas and Homes.

Over the past 20 years, Designor Furniture  has served many star rated hotels, customizing all kinds of solid wood beds, soft pack beds, leisure sofas, writing desks, wardrobes, luggage racks, lounge chairs, sofa beds, etc. for hotel rooms; customizing business sofas, leisure sofas, sofa chairs, tea tables and other business furniture for Hotel lobbies.

Designor Furniture  provides customized services for all kinds of table, dining chair, high-grade solid wood table and chair, light luxury stainless steel bar, bar chair, luxurious marble furniture, which can meet the requirements of restaurants, cafes and pubs of all grades;

Our professional design team and production team provide high-quality, high-quality custom furniture for resorts and villas. Just tell us what you want and our designers will design the solution that is closest to your idea ;

The sofas and sofa beds designed and developed by us can satisfy individual users and bring a leisurely and comfortable living experience for them and their family. Various types of sofa beds provide you with a comfortable sitting experience while saving your space;

Designor Furniture  can customize all grades of furniture according to your requirements. All kinds of soft furniture can use fabric, artificial leather, microfiber, or leather according to your requirements. Wood furniture can use solid wood, MDF, etc.

Designor Furniture  is based on honesty, with high-quality service and high-quality quality as its belief, to provide you with high-quality personalized custom furniture;

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